Ultimune Campaign Participation Rules

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  1. Ultimune Campaign Participation Rules
    • These Ultimune Campaign Participation Rules (these “Rules”) aim to set forth the terms and conditions regarding the “Ultimune Campaign” (“Campaign”) hosted by Shiseido Company, Limited (“Company”). Please be sure to read these Rules carefully to participate in the Campaign and to participate only when you agree with these Rules. Anyone who participates in the Campaign will be deemed to have agreed to all of the terms and conditions in these Rules.
    • The Company may revise these Rules at its discretion in whole or in part, without giving prior notification to the participants of the Campaign. In such case, the revision shall come into effect at the time these Rules are posted on the Campaign website (ultimune.shiseido.com) after being revised.
    • Minors require a guardian’s consent to participate in the Campaign. When minors participate in the Campaign, they are deemed to have obtained their guardian’s consent to participate in the Campaign.
  2. How to Participate in the Campaign
    • There are two ways to participate in the Campaign. Anyone who participates in the Campaign by either methods (1) or (2) shall be hereinafter called a “Campaign Participant,” and any photo or text posted (in method (1)) or any video filmed (in method (2)) for the Campaign shall be called the “User Works.”
      1. Post a photo created by using an image generator or a photo including “Something Red Which Made You Strong” onto a Twitter or Instagram account with the designated hashtag; or
      2. Film a video in the video booth for the Campaign. You will receive the video you filmed by email by entering your email address in the terminal at the video booth.
    • The Campaign Participant may apply for the issuance of a QR code on the coupon webpage for receiving a sample by presenting the User Works to the shop staff at the Company distributor handling Ultimune. The staff will issue a QR code from the coupon webpage upon confirming that the User Works comply with the terms and conditions set forth in these Rules. The Campaign Participant may receive a sample upon the shop staff scanning the QR code and marking the coupon as ‘used’.
    • In participating in the Campaign, please make a post from your Twitter or Instagram account which fulfills the following conditions.
      1. It is the Campaign Participant’s own account;
      2. It is a publicly disclosed account; and
      3. It conforms to the Twitter or Instagram rules and policies.
  3. Use of User Works
    • The Campaign Participant shall be deemed to have granted to the Company (including its affiliates, and the same shall apply hereafter) a right to use the User Works worldwide, free of cost, non-exclusively, and to have agreed that he/she will not exercise his/her author’s moral rights against the Company.
    • The Company may use the User Works that have been reproduced, revised, amended, processed, etc. in its website, over-the-counter advertisements, magazines, media coverage and any other advertising media, free of cost, at its discretion.
    • The Company may post the User Works with the account name of the Campaign Participant; provided, however, that the Campaign Participant shall not be allowed to request for the Company to use the User Works with his/her name, account name, etc.
    • The Company may at its discretion, decide whether to post the User Works in advertising media. In addition, the Company may, at its discretion, cease to post the User Works posted in advertising media without prior announcement.
    • The Company shall not be obliged to explain the reason to the Campaign Participant even if the Company decides not to post the User Works in advertising media or have ceased the posting thereof.
  4. Requirements for User Works
    • If there is any other person captured in the User Works, please obtain his/her prior consent to making a post for the Campaign with an explanation that there is a possibility that it may be posted in the Company’s advertising media.
    • Please obtain permission from the administrator of the picture/video location if such permission is necessary for taking pictures and/or video.
    • Please do not post any User Works which falls under any of the following descriptions.
      1. Any work which does not relate to the Campaign theme;
      2. Any work which is shot or filmed by someone other than the Campaign Participant;
      3. Any work which is already or is scheduled to be published in other media;
      4. Any work which includes material to which another person has copyrights such as character, illustration, creative object, text, etc. that was created by someone besides the Campaign Participant;
      5. Any work which captured the trademark, service mark, logo, etc. of an entity besides the Company;
      6. Any work which will serve as an advertisement of an entity besides the Company;
      7. Any work which includes a political or religious message;
      8. Any work which includes an obscene image or language, etc.;
      9. Any work which violates another person’s privacy;
      10. Any work which includes libel, defamation or discriminatory language, etc.;
      11. Any work which violates or has a risk of violating applicable laws, regulations or public order and morals; or
      12. Any work which may violate the Twitter or Instagram rules and policies.
  5. Requirements for Receiving a Sample
    • You may make as many posts or videos for the Campaign as you wish, but only one sample will be given to each person.
    • You are prohibited from making multiple accounts in the same social media platform to participate in the Campaign several times. If the Campaign Participant participates in the Campaign from multiple accounts in the same social medium, he/she will lose the right to receive any sample for all of his/her accounts.
    • The right to receive a sample will only be effective for the Campaign Participant himself/herself only, and it cannot be transferred or redeemed by a third party, including family.
    • The employees or related parties to the Company may not receive a sample.
    • You are not entitled to receive a sample if you do not fulfill the requirements under these Rules.
  6. Handling of Personal Information
    • Any personal information included in the User Works of the Campaign Participant and personal information such as contact information of the Campaign Participant obtained by the Company for contacting the Campaign Participant will be retained and managed by the Company located in Japan and the Company’s affiliates located worldwide, which may be used for the operation of the Campaign, provision of samples, various contacts to the Campaign Participant, announcement of any other campaigns or events related to the SHISEIDO brand, collecting and analyzing marketing data in a manner which does not specify the individual, product development and improvement, and/or responding to inquiries or requests from the Campaign Participant. In connection with the foregoing, the Company may outsource to the outsourcee designated by the Company the services including collecting and analyzing the contents of posts made by the Campaign Participant, and delivering products, sample items, and postal items; and shall provide such outsourcee with personal information to the extent necessary for the relevant services outsourced.
    • The User Works and personal information will be saved and managed on the server of the Company located in Japan as well as the servers of the Company’s affiliates located worldwide. The Company may use cloud service providers (including foreign cloud service providers) to manage the User Works and personal information.
    • Any personal information provided by the Campaign Participant may be used continuously after the end of the Campaign within the scope of the aforementioned purpose of use.
    • Any request from the Campaign Participant for notification on the purpose of use of personal information, disclosure, revision, addition, deletion, cessation of use, elimination, or cessation of provision to a third party of personal information will be accepted at “10. Contact for Inquiry” below. The Company will duly handle such request in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
    • Any inquiry regarding personal information is accepted at “10. Contact for Inquiry” below.
  7. Change, Suspension, Discontinuation, Termination
    • The Company may change, suspend, discontinue or terminate the Campaign in whole or in part without prior notice to the Campaign Participant. The Company shall not be liable for any damage incurred due to such action, to the extent acceptable under applicable laws.
  8. Compensation for Damage
    • The Company shall not be liable for any case in which another Campaign Participant or a third party files a lawsuit, requests, or complaints, etc. (including but not limited to the User Works becoming subject to the filing of a lawsuit, request, or complaint, etc. due to the fact that the User Works infringed a third party’s right such as intellectual property right or portrait right) arising from or in relation to the Campaign Participant’s participation in the Campaign, and the Campaign Participant shall resolve this at its own liability and expense. The Campaign Participant shall indemnify the Company for any expense or burden incurred by the Company to resolve such lawsuit, request, or complaint, etc.
    • The Campaign Participant shall compensate any damage incurred by the Company if he/she caused to the Company any damage arising from or in relation to participation in the Campaign.
    • Regardless of the basis of any cause of action, the Company shall not be liable for any damage arising from or in relation to the Campaign, which was incurred by the Campaign Participant or third parties.
    • Even if the exemption clause in these Rules is deemed invalid under the applicable laws, in whole or in part, the extent of the compensation for damages to be paid by the Company shall be limited to the normal and direct damages actually incurred by the Campaign Participant or third party.
  9. Miscellaneous
    • Interpretation and application of these Rules shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
    • The Tokyo District Court shall be the court with exclusive agreed jurisdiction of first instance regarding any dispute related to the Campaign and these Rules.
    • The Japanese version of these Rules shall be the official text, and only the Japanese official text shall have legal effect. Any translation of these Rules is prepared for reference, and does not have any legal effect.
    • Any expense incidental to the participation in the Campaign, such as for communication fees and transportation fees, etc., which were incurred by the Campaign Participant, shall all be borne by the Campaign Participant.
  10. Contact for Inquiry
    Shiseido Company, Limited
    Global Prestige Department SHISEIDO Brand Unit