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Bring out your
and share it.

Ultimune generates inner skin defenses 
and maintains them at a high level, for smooth, 
resilient skin that resists damage.
Positive feelings also boost your inner strength.
So have fun with Ultimune. Come visit us at the
Ultimune Red Vibe Street to
create your own
customized movie with positive vibes and
experience inner skin strength with Ultimune.


Photo Campaign

Spread red vibe!

Share your strength by spreading red neon
signage of Ultimune and your favorite country / city.

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      Special Event

      Ultimune Red Vibe Street

      Special events will be held around the
      where you can experience the
      world of Ultimune,
      and make your own movie to share.

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      About Ultimune

      Beauty brings out the strength within.

      Ultimune regenerates and replenishes the skin’s natural powers of defense. Helping it build its own beauty and enhancing the skincare routine that follows.

      Power Infusing Concentrate N

      Beauty brings out
      the strength within.


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