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#Find Your Strength#Find Your Strength

What does your heart
tell you?

In desperate times, it's your inner voice
that encourages you to be stronger
and to leap forth and to propel.

To encourage more women out
there to be stronger and to shine from within,
we are compiling your inspirational words that
would encourage others to find their strength.

Please join us in encouraging more
to be like you.
Share your voice at #FindYourStrength

Words of strength
that made a difference.

Your word may become a book

One and only book of your
inspirational words.
A book compiled with your inspirational
words from around the world for
others to be encouraged to
find their strength within and to shine like you.

By the women, for the women, with the women,
the collection of word women makes strong.

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#FindYourStrength Campaign Terms and Conditions

Please read and agree to this terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") before entering the Shiseido Company, Limited's (hereinafter referred to as "Shiseido") "Find Your Strength Campaign" (hereinafter referred to as "Campaign"). Only the submissions with the agreement to the Terms will be valid.

[ Campaign Overview ]

Please submit words that empower you with the hashtag "#Findyourstrength"

[ Campaign Period ]

1st Jan, 2017 to 31st July, 2017

[ Eligibility ]

< Twitter / Facebook / Instagram >
  1. Has at least one account in Twitter / Facebook / Instagram
  2. Enter with the hashtag "#Findyourstrength"

[ Invalid Entry ]

Entry may become invalid in case any of the following may apply.

  1. Users with privacy setting to the public.
  2. Entry without the hashtag "#Findyourstrength"

[ How to Enter ]

All entries will be from Twitter / Facebook / Instagram.

  1. Submit words that empower you with the hashtag "#Findyourstrength"
  2. Entry completed

[ Secondary use of entries ]

All entries submitted to the Campaign may be used for Shiseido's PR, exhibition and publication purposes (including but not limited to #FindYourStrength Book). Copyright and other intellectual property rights of all entries submitted to the Campaign with the hashtag "#Findyourstrength" shall be transferred to Shiseido when submitted. Their publication/use may also be discontinued without prior notice.

[ Privacy ]

  • Shiseido will not use customer information for any purpose other than the Campaign.
  • Shiseido will take the utmost care in to prevent the loss or theft of customer information.
  • Unless required for legal purposes, customer information will not be disclosed without customer permission to any third-party, other than the ones involved with the Campaign.
  • On top of the above mentioned, customer information will be handled under Shiseido's privacy policy (

[ Others ]

  1. System maintenance and network condition may interrupt the entry process.
  2. All network cost for the submission will be paid by the customer.
  3. Campaign administrator will not be responsible for uses, end of use and failure in function of the Campaign.
  4. Campaign website can only be accessed through PCs or smartphones. Please be aware that there is no access from feature phones (non-smart phones).
  5. Shiseido will not be responsible for any or all issues and troubles (direct or indirect) caused by the use of this Campaign site.
  6. The Terms shall be governed by Japanese law.
  7. Any action between the parties regarding the Terms shall take place in Tokyo District Court.

[ Limitation of Liability ]

  • Shiseido reserves the right to change the Campaign details (period etc.) and Terms without prior notice. Any and all changes will be announced through the Campaign site, and will apply to all customers entering the Campaign.
  • Shiseido reserves the right to end the Campaign without prior notice.

[ Campaign Inquiry ]

#Findyourstrength Campaign Administrative Office

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